Effective Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are caused by extreme pressure and strain on the veins in the affected area. While symptoms are not often noticeable, hemorrhoids can be very painful and irritating when lumps of swollen tissues appear. However, it should be noted that most signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids will usually wear-off after two weeks. To promote faster relief, the following home remedies are often practiced:

Promote soft and easy bowel movements

Just like any other health condition, the best way to eventually get rid of hemorrhoids is to target the cause. Hemorrhoids are caused by tremendous pressure exerted in the affected area.
Most of the time, extreme pressure can be caused by difficult stools during bowel movements. Long and strenuous bowel movement can also cause scars and scrapes that can create and worsen the inflammation of hemorrhoidal tissues. In order to prevent the laborious affair, fiber-rich foods, fruits, and vegetables should be included in the diet. In addition to that, the patient should take at least eight glasses of water everyday.

Oil the strained areas

Other than improving your diet in order to soften your stool, you can also try to put lubricants in your affected area. Applying lubricants such as oil and petroleum jelly can promote soft and easy bowel movements. The lubricants can be applied around the affected area and half an inch inside the intestine, through the use of clean cloth or a cotton swab. However, you should be wary of some lubricants that can actually worsen your condition through infection. Consult your doctor before applying anything in the swollen area.

Use softer and gentler toilet paper

Your toilet paper can actually worsen your condition especially if it scrapes the infected area. Perfumed or chemically treated toilet paper can also induce more infection. Always choose white and non-perfumed tissues. Before using it, dampen the toilet paper with clean water. If your hemorrhoids are painful and quite noticeable, you can try using facial tissues that are softer than the usual toilet paper. You can also try coating the tissues with moisturizing cream or lubricants.

Clean yourself tenderly

To prevent infection, you should make it a point to clean yourself properly everyday. Other than using the usual toilet paper to clean your affected area, you can also use warm water to rinse it twice everyday. Washing your affected area with soap and warm water after every bowel movement is also recommended.

Avoid scratching and scraping

Avoid anything and everything that can scratch or scrape your hemorrhoidal tissues. If your hemorrhoids get itchy and scratching can eventually bring relief, resist the temptation. Scratching can eventually cause damages along the walls of your affected area and worsen your condition. If you feel terribly itchy, you ought to try putting a hot compress over the area.

Avoid "wrong" intercourse

This kind of intercourse can be very strenuous to the veins of your affected area. Such can cause scrapes and scratches. If hemorrhoids are starting to appear around or in it, having this can terribly worsen your condition.

Avoid lifting heavy objects and engaging in strenuous activities

Lifting heavy things and doing very exhausting tasks may not be very good for your condition. Such activities may actually cause the same strain that difficult bowel movement promotes in your affected area. If you have hemorrhoids, you should ask your friends to help you or ultimately hire someone to do the job for you.

Get the sitz bath

Hemorrhoids can be very itchy and irritating especially when they are so swollen. In such cases, you ought to soak yourself in warm water. The sitz bath is one of the most recommended strategies to ease your hemorrhoidal symptoms. Pour warm water in your tub. Then, sit in the tub using your legs and knees. Pour in more warm water until the level is two inches below your navel. Sit in the tub for ten minutes.
Try having a sitz bath more than once a day, especially when you feel too much pain. The procedure promotes pain relief and reduces the inflammation by promoting proper blood flow in your affected area.

Use witch hazel

Witch hazel is in the list of the most popular herbs that is used for treating hemorrhoids. According to experts, a small amount of witch hazel should be applied in the affected area when hemorrhoids are the external type. This herb is often used to prevent bleeding and inflammation by promoting the contraction of blood vessels.

Apply hemorrhoid creams

If your hemorrhoids bring mild discomfort, you may opt to get creams and ointments. There are some over-the-counter hemorrhoid medications that are available in major pharmacies. However, note that most of these medications do not actually stop the inflammation and get rid of the hemorrhoidal tissues. Instead, they were made to alleviate the usual symptoms of the condition, such as itchiness and pain.

Control your weight

Hemorrhoids are like varicose veins. They tend to be more prevalent among people who are overweight and obese. This is because being overweight increases the pressure applied on your lower extremities. If hemorrhoids tend to be one of your recurring health problems, you should get rid of that extra fat.

Watch your salts

Excessive intake of salt and salty foods can actually worsen hemorrhoids. When you have too much salt in your foods and beverages, some of it may not be absorbed by the body after your digestive processes. Excess salt will remain in your veins and in other parts of your circulatory system. Such can promote bulges in your veins not only in your affected area, but in other parts of the body.

Avoid strong spices and alcoholic drinks

Though foods and beverages do not have a direct effect on your hemorrhoidal tissues, they can actually worsen your condition. Usually, intake of spices, beer, cola drinks and other beverages rich in caffeine and alcohol can promote excessive itching.

Exercise and move around

Engaging in regular exercises can help you lose weight and promote regular bowel movement. Other than that, you have to move around and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. If you sit around too much, your lower extremities will be exposed longer to extreme pressure and heat. If your work requires you to sit on your chair all throughout the day, make it a point to stand and walk around for five minutes every hour.